Single Sign-On

Access Lens IDs using corporate login credentials provided by systems such as Google, Okta, Azure, or Active Directory.

Feature Management

Centralize control of features to standardize configurations, ensure security, reduce support efforts, and save time for each user.

Air-gapped Mode

Configure Lens Desktop to stop all outbound internet traffic to comply with highly-regulated network security policies.

Compliance assured.

Single Sign-On. Lens ID supports SAML and OIDC. Authenticate with your corporate SSO reducing the risk of password fatigue, errors, and security breaches.

Air-gapped Mode. Working in bunker? Air-gapped mode allows only network traffic between you and your clusters. Remove friction by complying with corporate network security policies

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Command. Control. Consolidate.

Feature Management. Toggle Lens Pro features across all users ensuring a consistent experience. Reduce user onboarding time and remaining in line with corporate policies.

Account Hierarchy. Rollup charges to a parent account in one invoice. Streamline procurement while ensuring teams across and organization have the Lens Pro features they need.

Partners enjoy a consolidated overview of their customer accounts for easier management.

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