Designed for those who work with Kubernetes on a daily basis

Beautiful, polished and powerful
Remove Complexity

Explore and navigate Kubernetes clusters without having to learn kubectl commands. Great for developers just getting started.

Real Time Observability

Inspect live statistics, events, and log streams in real-time. No spinners, refreshing or waiting for screens to update.

Troubleshoot & Debug

See errors and warnings on dashboard and click to see details. Click again to see logs or get a command line.

Run on Your Desktop

Standalone application for MacOS, Windows and Linux. 1-minute install. No need to install anything in cluster.

Peak Productivity

Deliver software faster with the world’s #1 Kubernetes IDE. Transform Kubernetes complexity into clarity. Empower your teams to focus on what matters most.

Works with Any Kubernetes

Using EKS, AKS, GKE, Minikube, Rancher, k0s, k3s, OpenShift... ? They all work. Simply import the kubeconfigs for the clusters you want to work with.

Your Cloud Native Technology Stack. Accessible.

Unified Catalog. Bring all your clusters, services, workloads, tools, automations, and related resources together for easy access.

Browse & Organize. Use search, filters, categories and labels to access the resources you need to work with easier than ever before.

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Get What You Want. Fast.

Hotbars. The main navigation, allowing users to switch between clusters and build their own “workflows” within the desktop application. Users can customize items in the Hotbar by assigning different labels, colors, and icons for easy recall.

Command Palette. Command Palette allows users to perform specific keyboard shortcuts to make the most common tasks easier. Improving accessibility and efficiency when working with Lens.

See Everything. In Right Context. Real time.

Built-In Visualizations. Lens integrates with Prometheus to visualize and see trends in resource usage metrics, including CPU, memory, network and disk, with the total capacity, actual usage, requests and limits. Detailed visualization is automatically generated for each k8s resource.

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Find A Problem. Drill-Down. Fix.

Troubleshoot. Lens will automatically highlight and notify any issues you might have with your cluster or workloads. You can easily drill down deeper to find the root cause and take action.

Access Logs. Developers need access to logs for their applications. Lens makes it extremely easy to access, search and tail logs for any workloads running in Kubernetes.

Full Power at Your Fingertips. Always.

Smart Terminal. The smart terminal comes with kubectl and helm, automatically syncing the version of kubectl to match the currently selected K8S cluster API version. Lens will automatically assign the kubeconfig context to match the currently selected K8s cluster.

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All Cloud Native Technologies. Deployed in a Click.

Helm Charts. Lens comes with Helm charts management allowing for the discovery and fast deployment of thousands of publicly available Helm charts and management of your own repositories. Explore installed Helm charts and their revisions and upgrade with a single click.

No Limits. Expand. Just the Way You Like It.

Extensions. Easily add Lens extensions from the community and cloud native ecosystem vendors or build your own. Lens Extensions are used to add custom functionality and services to accelerate development workflows for all the technologies that integrate with Kubernetes and other cloud-native technologies.

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Get Started Today!

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Latest Version: v4.2.1 (09/04/2021)