Security Built-In

Featuring container image scanning and CVE reporting functionality built-in. It may also be integrated with your exisitng centralized container image scanning and CVE reporting technologies.

Improved Visibility

Show all container images relevant to you running in your clusters. You can ad-hoc scan any of those images for CVEs or automate scanning for all images when they are updated.

Immediate Awareness

Surface CVEs, always in the right context, raising the immediate awareness of vulnerabilities currently existing in your systems. Detecting vulnerabilities earlier saves time, money and reduces risks.

Point At Clusters. Scan Workloads.

Image Scanning. Lens Desktop comes with built-in container image scanning. Browse through the images running in your cluster, namespace, deployment, or even pod. Spot scan an image and immediately see vulnerabilities found for that container image. Automate the scanning by deploying an operator to secure your inner development loop.

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Your Security. Reality. Exposed.

Vulnerability Reporting. See the vulnerabilities that immediately apply to you and fix them. Lens Desktop integrates with your centralized scanning system and shows you problems while you are using Lens . No need to jump to yet another dashboard and be overwhelmed by CVEs to find what you are looking for.

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Latest Version: v4.2.1 (09/04/2021)