Lens Desktop Extension

Supercharge Lens Desktop with Lens Spaces — a cloud based service. Add teamwork & collaboration, shared catalogs, easy & secure cluster access sharing and more!

Cloud Service

Lens Spaces is a centralized cloud based service operated by Team Lens. Signup via Lens Desktop application to get started. It's affordable service with a simple pricing.

Add-Ons Available

Managed Dev Clusters are based on popular k0s open source project, a CNCF certified Kubernetes distribution. Fully integrated with Lens Desktop.

Team Space for Collaboration.

Team Management. Team Space is for collaboration and centralized access. Assign teams and manage Kubernetes RBAC with ease. Take the amazing Lens experience and share it with your team!

Shared Catalog. Team Space members have a common & shared catalog for all their clusters and cloud-native resources.

Fast Onboarding. Invite your team members with a simple email or web link. No hassle and immediate productivity.

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Cluster Access Made Easy. Secure.

Access from Anywhere. Lens Cluster Connect provides seamless and secure access to your Team Space clusters across local, on-prem, or public clouds. Fully integrated with Lens without the hassle of VPNs, complicated IAMs or jump boxes!

Enhanced Security. Lens Cluster Connect is secured with end-to-end encrypted connections from Lens Desktop to Kubernetes clusters. No need to share kubeconfigs with team members or expose Kubernetes APIs to Internet.

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Latest Version: v4.2.1 (09/04/2021)