Lens Pricing

Use of Lens Desktop at a company with more than $10 million in annual revenue or funding requires a paid subscription (Pro or Enterprise).

  • Personal plan

    For anyone getting started with or learning Kubernetes.


    • Lens Desktop
    • Community Support
  • Pro plan

    For professionals & teams who want to accelerate innovation.

    $24.90Per UserPer Month

    Everything in Personal plus:

    • Local Kubernetes Dev Cluster
    • Easy & Secure Tunneling to Clusters with RBAC
    • Images, Resources and Roles CVE Scanning & Reporting
    • Manage Users & Teams
    • Lens Extensions Available
    • Commercial Support
  • Enterprise plan

    For enterprises seeking to deliver an enterprise-grade user experience.

    $99.90Per UserPer Month

    Everything in Pro plus:

    • Hardened Lens Desktop
    • VDI Support
    • Single Sign-On (SSO)
    • SCIM user provisioning
    • Purchase via Invoicing
    • Security Compliance Assistance
    • Offline / air-gapped mode
    • Priority Enterprise Support

Compare Lens Features

Personal plan

Pro plan

Enterprise plan

$0$24.90Per UserPer Month$99.90Per UserPer Month

Cluster Management

Multi-Cluster Management
Connect to and simultaneously manage multiple kubernetes clusters.
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Nodes View
Workloads View
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Custom Resources View
Helm Chart Deployment and Management
Discover, deploy, and manage public or private Helm charts.
Local Kubernetes Development Cluster
A local Kubernetes cluster bundled with Lens Desktop for learning and development.
Images, Resources and Roles CVE Scanning & Reporting
Scan your clusters for vulnerabilities and get a detailed report of any risks found.
Lens Extensions
Extensions may be provided by different sources including third-party vendors and Lens community members.

Teamwork & Collaboration

Easy & Secure Tunneling to Clusters with RBAC
End-to-end encrypted connections from Lens Desktop to Kubernetes clusters across local, on-prem, or public clouds.
Centralized cluster catalog for teams
Organize clusters in groups with role based access control.

User & Subscription Management

Single Sign-On (SSO)Google & GithubGoogle & GithubGoogle, Github, SAML & OIDC
Team License Management-
System for Cross-domain Identity Management (SCIM)
Support for Azure AD and JumpCloud.
Hardened Lens Desktop
Centralized feature management allows administrators to enable or disable Lens Pro features to standardize configurations and ensure security.
VDI Support
Support for Lens Desktop for Windows running in Virtual Desktop Environments.
Offline License Activation
Offline activation enables users to activate Lens Desktop subscription in isolated (air-gapped) environments.
Air-gapped Mode
Air-gapped mode stops all outbound internet traffic from Lens Desktop and can be useful for teams with strict network security policies.
Account Billing Hierachy
Allows centralizing of purchasing process for multiple teams or departments within a single organization.
Security Compliance Assistance
Assistance in the completion of necessary compliance documentation and forms including security assessment questionnaires.
Purchase via Invoicing--


Lens Forums
Community Support
Public github issues and enhancements.
Commercial Support
Monday through Friday access to support engineers.
In-app Chat
In-app support chat for on-demand conversational live support.
Priority Support
Expedited issue resolution and feature requests prioritization, including access to dedicated Slack channels for direct and immediate communication.
Support Portal
Portal to access the status of your organization's tickets.